Wall Colors

House Color Scheme
House Color Scheme

David and I painted almost every single room of this 3 bed, 2.5 bath house of ours with our own four hands. Picking cohesive paint colors for a whole house can be tricky. For me, I wanted each room to feel different from the next, but also similar. I want the rooms to belong together, but have a bit of their own personality.

Therefore, I chose paints colors that are same brand (Behr) and in the same “color family.” I also used the same trim color in each room to tie them all together.

Room by Room:
– Master Bedroom =  Sage Gray
– Master Bathroom =  Toasty Gray
– Stairway, Kitchen and Dining =  Dolphin Fin
– Entryway = Perfect Taupe + Falling Snow
– 1 Guest room = Perfect Taupe and an accent wall of Mined Coal
– Living room =  Granite Boulder
– Sunroom =  Falling Snow
– Guest bathroom = TBD
– 2 Guest Room = TBD

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