1.11.17 Auction

On the evening of January 11th, 2017, David Morris went to the Lewis & Maese Auction and got drunk. He got drunk and bid on a giant cow portrait. He got drunk, bid on a giant random hideous cow portrait, and won. Madame Jessica Cowington is David’s $10 pride and joy.Madame Jessica Cowington

“I was tipsy at best…. and the real reason for pulling the trigger on M. J. Cowington is that I’ve always wanted one of those old-money English race horse portraits, but every time I ever bid on one, they go for thousands, and my limit is in the high $20’s. So sitting at the back of the room, 4 wild turkey’s deep, I figured the cow was as close as I was going to get.” – David

Madame Jessica Cowington was not the only thing we took home from that auction night. I arrived. I scolded David. I had myself a drank and directed him to bid on more, eh hem, practical items. Such as:Houston AuctionThat killer vintage olive velvet and black needlepoint bench! I think we scored it for $30. And the bright stripped handwoven rug is divine. It was also for $30. IDK about the dessert print- David went rogue on that one. I half like it, half don’t know what to do with it. We also got a vintage map of a tiny town in Texas for around $10. It’s sitting on the rug in the last photo, but it’s hard to see. More to come on what we do with all these random but sweet auction items!

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