The Ikea Dresser(s) that Keeps on Giving

We are in dire need of clothing storage in our master bedroom. We have a teeny master closet, and it’s just not working. There’s simply not enough space for both David and my clothes and shoes for all seasons.Ikea Tarva Dresser

Currently, David is keeping the majority of his clothes on our guest room closets. My clothes, however, are scattered all over the house. I have the majority of my winter work clothes in the master closet, my casual summer clothes are in a storage tub under the bed, my “dressy” summer clothes are in a pile on top of other guest bed (because I literally don’t have anywhere else to put them), my summer shoes are under that bed, and my sweaters, coats, and purses are in the guest room armoire.

My long term plan for the house is to renovate the “master bath” and make it large and glorious. Part of that plan includes turning the master closet into a master shower. BUT, then I loose my precious closet space! So, to make up for it, I would love to install a beautiful wall of built-ins in our bedroom. Inspiration:Bedroom Built In ClosetAhhhhhh… those photos are so pretty and fresh and soothing. All my clothes storage problems would be solved, and I could quit living like an animal if I only had some built ins!

The problem is money. (Isn’t it always?) A bathroom renovation will cost some major cash, and custom built ins aren’t known for being cheap. I’ve researched Ikea hacks and thought of creative of ways for making my own built ins, but when it comes down to it, I think this is a job for a professional closet person.

So while we are in this saving-up-for-built-ins stage of our lives, I’ve come up with another solution to help with my clothing overload.

The problem:Previous Bedroom Storage Situation

My solution:Ikea Tarva Dresser

David and I just happen to have two identical Ikea dressers (thanks sis! so glad you had to downsize!) The two dressers were painted different shades of red. One had a gold glitter and white paint on it. They both had handles that didn’t match.Ikea Hack, Ikea Dresser, DIY dresser, painted dresser

So, I sanded them down and painted them the same beautiful green colorBehr paint, DIY Dresser, Ikea hacks, painted dresser, dana plus david

And put new matching drawer pulls on both of them.Dresser pulls, dresser handles, Ikea Hack, Ikea Dresser, DIY dresser

Once the paint dried, we brought them up to the bedroom and now the two dressers sit side-by-side. I use one and uses David one. Apologies for the dark, grainy photos:Ikea Dresser, Ikea Hack, DIY dresser

Much better than the lonely red dresser and tv stand surrounded by piles of clothes, right?! I mean, they’re no glorious custom built-ins, but they’ll do! They solve our current clothes storage problems.

Ultimately, I want David to create a reclaimed shiplap topper that flows seamlessly over both dressers to make them look like one. I’d also like to cut off the overhangs on the two dresser tops where they meet to help make them look like one solid dresser instead of two sitting next to each other. Oh, it never ends. Next, I need to add some decorations! More to come on that….

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