The Broadmoor

8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, I am a professional Event Planner. One of my job perks is that I get to scope out new and exciting spaces for events. Once a year, the ~200 Partners at my firm enjoy a Partner Retreat. It’s a three-day get-together full of memorable dinners, meetings, networking and activities not at the office. I am 1 of 2 people who plan these retreats. This year I was sent to visit Colorado Springs, CO and review The Broadmoor for our upcoming Partner Retreat.Broadmoor Hotel, Dana Morris

I had only heard great things about this historic hotel- and man oh man- it did not disappoint. It is the Grand Canyon of hotels. Every detailed space of this hotel is an old-world work of art. It’s unbelievable. The architecture and antique nerd in me was going crazy the whole trip. I was snapping pictures of all the décor details as my boss and I met with their conference staff and planned the retreat. I mean, just look at the parlour room below!The Boradmoor, Dana Morris, Houston TX

The original hotel building was built in 1918 and was called the “Grand Dame of the Rockies.” They pattered it after elegant European hotels. It feels very Parisian. The landscape architect who designed Central Park created the 3,000 acres that surround the hotel.

A few of my favorite things:
#1 The Custom Chandeliers! They were everywhere!Broadmoor Chandlier, Dana Morris

Dana Morris, Broadmoor CO

Broadmoor Chandlier, Dana Morris

Broadmoor Chandlier, Dana Morris, Stained Glassand this was the grand daddy of all chandeliers:Broadmoor Chandlier, Dana Morris

#2 The flooring.
Usually when you think of hotel carpet- you think gross and outdated. Not here:Broadmoor carpet, dana morris

Broadmoor carpet, dana morris

Broadmoor carpet, dana morris

#3 The ceiling details!Broadmoor Ceiling, Dana Morris

Broadmoor Ceiling, Dana Morris

Broadmoor Ceiling, Dana Morris

#4 The SceneryColorado Springs, CO, Dana MorrisBroadmoor Hotel, Dana Morris

Even the view from their standard meeting room is to die for!Broadmoor Hotel, meeting room view, dana morris

We had a great site visit, and I can’t wait to return in September. Cheers!Broadmoor Hotel, Dana Morris

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