Good Friday Finds

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! David and I randomly stopped by the DAV Thrift Store on Griggs Rd the other day and, man-oh-man, did we score big! This place was definitely off the beaten path and had a distinct granny’s house basement smell. However, the goods were good! Many vintage pieces at great prices. Here’s a list of the items I got. Swear I don’t have a problem:thrift store finds, dana morris, houston tx blog, d+d

1. 4 large old heavy antique mirrors for $52. I was negotiating to get 5 for $50, but they wouldn’t go that low.mirrors, mirror wall, gallery wall, thrift store, thrifting, vintage mirror, dana morris, david morris I want to put these in the stairwell and curate them like the mirror wall I saw at the Broadmoor:the Broadmoor

2. 7 velvet and/or needle point pillows. Each pillow was only $2 to $3.pillows, thrift store pillows, vintage pillows I’m going to throw these special pillows all over the place. They worked well in our outdoor space at our latest crawfish boil: 
chair pillows, velvet pillows, thrift pillows, dana morris, backyard decor, budget decor, outdoors diy
3. Two oil paintings- one is a cowboy scene and the other is a meadow scene. Both cost around $4. Honestly, I have no idea where these are going to live. I just like ’em.

4. One velvety duck oil painting for $8.50. Again, I don’t know where this is going to live. I just had to have it!
5. An awesome almost-moroccan-wedding blanket for our bed. It’s like a bohemian granny fringe blanket and I love it. It was a little more expensive. And by expensive, I mean $40. BUT if I bought something like this at Anthro or Etsy or Round Top it would cost more around $300.thrift blanket, diy, thrift, fringe blanket, dana morris

6. Kitchen knick nacks! I got a wood and glass dough bowl:and another large wooden spoon to go with my collection. (fixing the wall texture around the backsplash later)
and glass dish set so I can look just like my Blue Apron marketing pieces:
blue apron bowls
7. A Mexican blanket for $4. In my opinion, you can never have enough of these blankets. We use them for picnics, dog towels, truck blankets, and of course- decor. They’re always handy.

8. A dainty black painted box thingie. IDK why I always feel the need to scoop things like this up. It was literally .90 cents. I sure I can find little precious items to fill it with.

9. And last but not least, David scored a vintage Wrangler pearl snap button down. But deep down he really, really wanted this get-up: thrift store

Altogether, we spent around $120 bucks for all those vintage goodies!

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