Boozing it Up with our DIY Bar Cabinet

Apparently, David and I have a lot of booze and booze-related accessories. Don’t judge- there’s a lot of items involved when making cocktails! We’ve got wine glasses, beer steins, bottles of everything, bottle openers, mixers, shot glasses, etc. and we needed a place to keep them all together. Also, we have people over all the time, and I didn’t want them to dig through a random kitchen cabinet when helping themselves to a glass of wine. Therefore, I knew I wanted/needed a bar cart or bar cabinet situation. I kept my eyes peeled for something that could hold all our bar goods on Craigslist, and I shopped around a few antiques stores in town for months. I never found anything that clicked with my vision (and my pocket book) UNTIL THIS:

lewis & Mease cabinet, auction, auction find, furniture update, DIY bar cart, DIY bar cabinet

This random display cabinet was going up for auction at Lewis & Maese for a whopping $10.DIY furniture, DIY bar cart

We went the auction with low hopes. I get outbid most of the time, and then I get depressed. However, we got lucky on this one! Everyone else must have considered it junk because no one else bid on it, and we took that bad boy home for $10! Maybe other bidders were turned off by the blue foot shaped handles it had on it. That’s right. You read that correctly. I said BLUE FOOT SHAPED HANDLES.

Here’s what it looked like when we took it home. Not particularly impressive:

DIY bar cabinet, DIY bar cart, DIY furniture, paint cabinet

It was a drab, dirty cabinet. DIY bar cabinet, DIY bar cart, dana morris

I had a vision for it though! First, I cleaned it. Then, I put a bright new coat of paint on it. I’m a believer in paint healing most problems. See! It’s looking better already:

DIY Bar Cabinet, DIY bar, DIY white wash, furniture upcycle, painting furniture

In fact, I whitewashed it with the same color of white I’ve used on the trim and doors throughout the house. Here’s a close up of the paint job:

Then I added this vintage wallpaper to the inside back of the cabinet:

vintage wall paper, furniture DIY, update furniture, bar cart, bar cabinet

I purchased this wallpaper a while back on eBay, and I had been dying to use it. I originally thought I was going to use it in our entryway to add some snazz, but apparently our walls are waaay to wonky and crooked for it to look good. So in the cabinet it went!

DIY bar cabinet, DIY furniture, auction furniture, modern furniture

Cute huh?! Next, I had the hubby add shelves and the upside down wine glass holder thingies:

Poor guy. He had to work around the glasses that I was already placing in the cabinet out of excitement. This is how the top half of the cabinet turned out. Apologies for the so so lighting:

DIY Bar cart, DIY bar cabinet, Painted Furniture, do it yourself bar cart

This is the “middle” section:

DIY bar cabinet, DIY display case, DIY bar cart, bar cart

We randomly found these wooden wine bottle holder thingies at Historic Houston Salvage, and they fit PERFECTLY in the bottom half of the cabinet. When I originally purchased them, I did not have a plan for them. I just picked them up because they were cheap and I knew I’d find a use for them.

Sometimes my hoarding pays off:

DIY Bar Cabinet, DIY bar, DIY Bar Cart, Furniture paint

All in all, here’s how the project turned out:

DIY Bar Cabinet, DIY Bar Cart

And here is is in the overall space:

DIY Bar cart, DIY dining room, DIY bar furnoture, David Morris, Dana Morris

Now let’s have a drink!

booze emoji

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