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After six months of on-again-off-again weekend projects, David and I have finally finished renovating our kitchen. Remember when I posted about all that needed to be done back in February?? Well, it’s all done now!

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And just in case you forgot what it looked like before, here are the listing photos:

kitchen reno

And here’s what it looks like after:

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And here are some more lovely photos taken by my professional photographer, husband, and contractor, David Morris:

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All in all, I think we spent around $7K on this renovation, and I couldn’t be any more happy with the results! Now let’s cook something!

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Reveal

  1. It’s beautiful! Your hard work paid off. One question, does the new center light fixture give you enough light everywhere (other than the sink, which clearly has a new wonderful fixture)? I ask because my kitchen has a hideous light fixture similar to your before, but I’ve hesitated to change to something like your after, since it covers such a wide area. Thanks for replying!

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Yes and no! The new center light does a great job at lighting the space, but it’s definitely not as bright as the previous one. It took us a minute to get used to the lower light level in the room. I wouldn’t say it’s too dark though, just different. Nowadays, the light level feels normal, and I can’t even remember how bright the room used to be! Here are the specs of the light we ordered:

      Hope it helps! Thanks for reading!

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