Guest Bath Goals

With the kitchen renovation done, my mind is already moving on to our next project – the guest bathroom. Like everything else in our house, the guest bath isn’t bad, it’s just not good. It’s got the whole floor-tile-on-the-walls thing going on, an awkward L shaped layout, and a really strange sink. Overall, it’s nothing we can’t update for cheap. Here are the photos from our house listing:

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DIY guest bathroom

Can we discuss that space sink?!?! WWWHHHYYY?!?!?!

The space sink is all rusted-up, and pretty non-functional in our awkward bathroom space. No idea why the previous owners chose this sink out of all the sink choices out there, but I digress…. Luckily, we discovered a beautiful cast iron pedestal sink in our garage when we first moved in. We plan on restoring it, and replacing space sink with it. More on that project later.

I decided that I wanted to go a bit bold in this bathroom. Well, bold within reason. I want this bathroom to have the same feel as the rest of the rooms in the house, but I need to blend that look with it’s existing look AKA it’s tile. ‘Cause momma ain’t ripping out and replacing anymore tile in this house! The dang kitchen floors ’bout did me in. The brownish-beigish tub and floor tile have a little hint of navy in them. The previous owners also added a thin strip of tiny accent tiles in the tub which have navy tones. So, I decided NAVY BATHROOM IT IS. Here’s the look I’m going for:

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I want tall, white beadboard (it will look crisp and tie-in other elements from the house) with navy walls. The Behr navy color I selected is called Pencil Point. It’s from the same color family as the rest of the house, so it will blend beautifully. 

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First we scrubbed down all the grime-ie walls and trim, and then got to painting. That took about 2-4 hours to paint the navy part because it’s a really small space. We only used about 1/2 gallon of paint. Next, David measured all wall spaces and ripped some boards and trim. It’s amazing what a new color of paint will do to a room. Here’s a before and after (well during):

guest bathroom reno, navy bathroom, diy bathroom, beadboard, behr paints, dana morris

I’m also debating painting the bleh floor tiles with a very light grey/navy/white buffalo check pattern. There seem to be a lot of DIY tutorials on Pinterest out there, but I’m still nervous about it.

Pinterest, Buffalo Check floor, DIY, dana morris


Has anyone tried this before? Has the paint held up? Looking for advise here…



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