Talk’n Toilets- Fish Tank Toilets

Fun Fact: We are the proud owners of a Fish n’ Flush toilet. Let’s just say we inherited it.

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Believe your eyes people. Above is a real photo from our house listing on from waaaaaayyyy back in the day. The local quirky real-estate blog,, must have thought it was funny so they featured our lovely home with it’s “fish tank in face bowl” in their “Home Listing Photo of the Day” segment. Their HLPOTD documents hilarious and unusual house “features” that relators chose to photograph and include in their listings. It’s just such an honor to see our funky house made their snarky selection. Click here to see their original article from June of ’08.

So, as you all know, we have been doing a lot of work on the guest bathroom the past couple of weekends. I’ve been taking photos and blog’n about the progess here and here. However, I have never shown you what’s inside that toilet closet. Mainly, because, well, IDK, the toilet closed isn’t my chef d’oeuvre.

toilet closet

You guessed it! The Fish ‘n Flush lives in that closet:

fish tank toilet, fish n flush, toilet closet, diy toilet, guest bathroom, powder room

I couldn’t just let that toilet room be bleh, so I added that vintage Fishes of Gulf of Mexico poster to the back wall. I also purchased some multi-colored felt fish from Amazon and strung them together on the ceiling:

fish on a string, fish banner

Those bleh pictures don’t do this little toilet room justice- this little space is pretty cute now! I’ll have to post some fancy ones when the full room is finished (which is hopefully soon).

I notified Swamplot of the toilet update, and they ran a little story on the journey of our Fish ‘n Flush:

Swamplot, fish n flush, toilet room, before and after, guest bathroom

It’s a pretty funny write-up, so I highly recommend you read the full article here.

What do you guys think? Have you LOL’d yet?

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