Dana Morris, Dana Morris Houston TX, Dana Gosko, Dana Gosko Morris, David MorrisAbout Dana
I hail from Houston, but grew up in Dallas. I guess you could say I’ve always been the “creative type.” My mother is a serious crafter, weaver, and overall dreamer. My father was a potter, and an unconventional handyman. They raised me to be curious, creative, and overall artsy.

I attended Texas Tech, where I got a BA in Advertising with a minor in Fashion Design & Manufacturing. I had to choose between Interior Design and Fashion Design, and I ultimately chose Fashion because it was the faster route to get out of school. However, I’ve always had a passion for both, and wish I could go back in time and do both.

I’ve always enjoyed thrifting, upcycling, and updating old pieces. I’ve been collecting things from vintage shops, thrift stores, and estate sales for as long as I can remember. I don’t know any other high schooler who was looking up estate sales in the local paper, or going to random flea markets for fun! I enjoy the thrill of hunting and finding one-of-a-kind, authentic pieces. And if it comes as a good price- that’s the icing on the cake for me!

And while I’m a sucker for a handmade and vintage, but I also have a heart for updated, black, and modern styles. I find perfection and joy in blending the two.

I started this blog because I have people constantly asking me where I find things, how I make things, and where I come up with this stuff! I want to let people into my creative head, and hopefully inspire them to be creative, too. Also, I really enjoy documenting everything.


David Morris, David Morris Houston TX, David James Morris, Dana MorrisAbout David
Hi, I’m David Morris. I’m from west Texas, near Lubbock. I too am sort of the creative type- I like building stuff, taking stuff apart to see how it works, and looking at how and why things are designed. My dad is an architect, and a few other close family members are in construction, which is definitely where I got the bug for this sort of thing.

I have a bachelor’s in Electronic Media, and an MBA in Finance. I’ve been a writer, photographer, and am currently a back-office finance guy at an investment bank. Those careers and skills were awesome to have – I learned so much in each (even met sweet sweet Dana at one of them)- but at the end of the day, I always like getting dirty and building stuff with my own two hands.

I learned the basics working for my cousin’s construction company. Since it was a family business with a lot of guys who I was close to my own age, it ended up being a ton of fun- and for a 16 year old, a pretty huge sense of accomplishment. Our biggest project was restoring the old house we all lived in together (thanks again Jason for putting me up all those years). I still get all misty about tearing into the walls and slowly helping to bring the old place back to life. Those memories never leave you.

Of course, being able to build stuff and having it look cool are two different things. Dana is pretty good at the first and a natural born killer at the second. When we were first dating, she came over and asked if she could “move some stuff around.” What ensued was her taking my abandoned crackhouse looking bedroom and turning it into and Acrh-Digest level center of peace, tranquility, and style. I called it the cloud fort. My family saw it and immediately accused me of becoming “too city.” Her eye and natural ability was one of the reasons I fell in love with her (that and she’s a really great person and a stone cold fox).

I got into the idea of a blog because I wanted to show off her genius (and show that I’ve maybe still got it too). Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the stuff.. please hit us up if you have any questions, ideas,or collaborations!

D+D, D + D, Dana Morris, David Morris, Houston TX, Dana Gosko, Dana and David, Dana + DavidAbout D+D
Dana and David met while working at the local news station in Lubbock, TX. David was a news photographer, producer, and reporter. Dana was a lowly promotions assistant. After Dana dropped multiple hints to David, he finally asked her out, and they have been together ever since. When it comes to D+D, their backgrounds, upbringings, and skills really complement one another. Dana likes to dream, imagine, and shop, and David understands her dreams and is able to build them. He also builds financial models to make sure the dreams & shopping habits don’t break the bank. They both put a lot of time and thought into their projects and posts. If you see something you like, or would like to partner with D+D, please send an email.