Remove that Wall!

The first step of our kitchen reno is to open the wall between our kitchen and dining room. Ultimately, I want one big cased opening that matches the others in the house. The photo below shows David’s work before and after he removed the arched doorway and arched bar window (?) between the two rooms.Cased opening, DIY, Dana Morris, David Morris, Houston TX blog, dining room, kitchen, renovation, home improvements
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California to Texas Roadtrip

One time, not that long ago, David and I visited Riverside, CA. We went there to attend my little sister’s graduation ceremony at California Baptist University. We also went to help her pack her apartment, and help her drive from Riverside, CA, to Houston, TX. It was a long road trip for three people plus one cranky cat in a semi-questionable Jeep that was pulling a U-Haul and stuffed with personal belongings. Google said the trip would take 21 hours if we drove it straight. I value my sanity and my sleep too much, so we scheduled some stops along the way. Here’s some photos from the ridiculous journey.Dana Morris, David Morris Read more

Exterior Dreams

I’ve been daydreaming about fixing our house exterior lately. I have so many ideas, but it’s hard to imagine what they’ll actually look like IRL. I’m thinking cream colored brick with white trim, with black shutters and accents. Maybe some window boxes on our second story windows? I would love to have a bricked paved walkway and porch steps. Oh, and beautiful landscaping of course! Here’s some inspo:House Exterior, DIY, Dana Morris, David Morris, White House with Black Shutters Read more