Three Days in Costa Rica

David and I traveled to Jaco, Costa Rica, for a quick get-away at the end of June. We are lucky that we live super close to Hobby airport- home of cheap Southwest flights. I was able to snag a “wanna getaway” deal to San Jose, Costa Rica, for $150 pp round-trip. Neither of us could take a lot of time off of work, so it was a quick trip. Too quick. I knew we would only have three fully days when I booked it. But three days was not enough. Everything was so pretty! I needed more time to explore and soak it all in.

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The Broadmoor

8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, I am a professional Event Planner. One of my job perks is that I get to scope out new and exciting spaces for events. Once a year, the ~200 Partners at my firm enjoy a Partner Retreat. It’s a three-day get-together full of memorable dinners, meetings, networking and activities not at the office. I am 1 of 2 people who plan these retreats. This year I was sent to visit Colorado Springs, CO and review The Broadmoor for our upcoming Partner Retreat.Broadmoor Hotel, Dana Morris Read more

California to Texas Roadtrip

One time, not that long ago, David and I visited Riverside, CA. We went there to attend my little sister’s graduation ceremony at California Baptist University. We also went to help her pack her apartment, and help her drive from Riverside, CA, to Houston, TX. It was a long road trip for three people plus one cranky cat in a semi-questionable Jeep that was pulling a U-Haul and stuffed with personal belongings. Google said the trip would take 21 hours if we drove it straight. I value my sanity and my sleep too much, so we scheduled some stops along the way. Here’s some photos from the ridiculous journey.Dana Morris, David Morris Read more