Good Friday Finds

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! David and I randomly stopped by the DAV Thrift Store on Griggs Rd the other day and, man-oh-man, did we score big! This place was definitely off the beaten path and had a distinct granny’s house basement smell. However, the goods were good! Many vintage pieces at great prices. Here’s a list of the items I got. Swear I don’t have a problem:thrift store finds, dana morris, houston tx blog, d+d

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Bright DIY Planter Boxes

It’s officially spring here in Houston, and that means we will be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, our backyard is a little sad and unwelcoming. It’s not my favorite place to spend time. I’ve been on a mission to make our backyard space clean, inviting, and most of all- fun. I want people to step into the yard and feel like they’re in a cool, artsy, relaxed, party zone. I want it to be full of bright colors and prints and planties. I want it to be like Axelrad meets the spray paint murals of Eado meets cooky backyard:outdoor inspiration, backyard vibes, DIY, dana morris Read more