Home with a Newborn

Wow! Life is so different now that baby Dylan has entered our world. Our home and routines have changed drastically over the past six weeks. It seems like she grows leaps and bounds each day. She’s no longer a little helpless nugget. She’s more of a little mini person with the beginnings of a spunky personality starting to show. We took some photos of us around the house yesterday.

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What’s Been Going on Lately

Hi Friends!

It’s been busy busy busy around here. We have had lots of personal things happening, as well as house projects. I’m sorry I haven’t been actively blogging frequently lately, but hopefully you’ll accept my explanation and apology.

In the personal department, here are the 3 big things that have kept me away from the ole’ blog:

1 We went on a FAT trip to Germany, France, and a little bit of Italy

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Do You Have Termites Too?

termite damage, do you have termites, how to know if you have termites, termite diy

We. Have. Termites.
Well, we HAD termites. We got rid of them. After six months of living in our new home, we broke into a wall and discovered that there was nothing there but chewed, flaky, termite-damaged wood behind it. Terrifying. The previous home owners didn’t disclose damage, and our inspector didn’t catch it. Did we panic? YES! How could everyone have missed this massive issue? Did the previous owners really not know? Did we hire a bunk inspector? How bad is the damage? Are the termites still alive? How much was this going to cost? What do we do next?

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How to Build a Fence over Chain Link

Before and After FEnce, build a fence, woodworking, diy fence, lattice fence, install a fence, disguise chain link fence

We need a fence. We need a fence BAD. We a nice new-ish traditional wood fence on two of the three borders of our backyard. One section (the longest section, too I might add) is a TERRIBLE, gnarly chain link fence. This thing is busted up! It’s crooked, leaning, and has been morphed over the years by trees growing in and around it.

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DIY Drippy Paint Wall

Hello Hello! Dana here- I’m so happy to finally share this project with you! It’s been a work in progress since spring. Back in April, I was feeling like I needed to let some of my creativity out. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just gotta create something fun. It’s like this itch that I have to scratch. My day job as an event planner is pretty cool, but it doesn’t always let me get my creative juices flowing. I swear I was meant to be an artist. So with all of that being said, all I wanted for my Earth Day Birthday was to have a whole day where I got to play my jams and create something grand/bold/beautiful/different and just get lost in the process of making. And my sweet sweet David was happy make my birthday wish come true and arrange everything for me. He said he would be my “design assistant” and help with whatever I needed to make my artistic vision happen. So here’s what we did:

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