Guest Bath 99% Done!

This was a quick project. The space is pretty small, so it only took us three weekends of semi-working on it to complete. Here’s a few before and afters to get your juices flowing:

guest bathroom, navy bathroom, beadboard in bathroom, before and after, pedetal sink

I originally thought we were going to refinish the pedestal sink I found in the garage, but ultimately decided against it.

cast iron sink

5 Reasons why I didn’t mess with the garage sink:

  1. The faucets were wonky. Replacing them or finding better, but still weird, faucets was super time consuming and costly
  2. It’s heavy. We’re talking cast-iron baby
  3. I didn’t want to spend the time and energy re-glasing it. Also, I read a lot of reviews online that said the finish doesn’t last long anyways
  4. The sink was short! Were pedestal sinks made for petite people back in the day? It seemed child-sized
  5. A brand-new pedestal sink with better faucets isn’t crazy expensive

Since David knocked the fridge surround project out of the park, I’ve asked that he create a custom built-in shelf in this awkward spot behind the bathroom door:

guest bathoom shelf, diy shelf, woodworking

More to come on that project! Happy New Year everyone!

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